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Permalink The museums inspired this artist. #fortworth  (at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth)
Permalink This is my pecan tree. Years ago, we got it when my wife won a some gift cards for her tomatoes. It is 5 feet tall now, but it was 15 feet when I brought it home. What happened?  I neglected it in tough times. I planted it in Spring 2011, before the hottest, driest summer of my life. I watched 2/3 of it wither and die and took almost no action. Finally, when it was almost too late, I talked to someone from a local nursery. She advised me to uproot it because it would never bear fruit, let alone survive. I refused, so she gave me advice. I had planted it in horrible, rocky soil, so I needed to give its roots a chance by fixing the soil. I had never fed it. It was severely underwatered. I asked about trimming the top, and she said it would die. However, I cut it down to less than 3 feet and began giving it the attention and care it needed. It lived for a year and slowly grew.  Now, 3 years later, it finally looks healthy again and has doubled in size. I don’t know if it will bear fruit, but I don’t know that it won’t. Hope springs eternal.
Permalink Best harvest so far: 40+ cherry tomatoes, 3 slicing tomatoes, 1 zucchini, & 1 acorn squash. #GodMadeAFarmer
Permalink My son came home from @pinecovetowers with a new favorite song. He’s got great taste! #camp
Permalink Good morning, Fort Worth.  (at Texas A&M University School of Law)
Permalink #reflection #instadfw #igdfw #igerstx #iphone5 #igersdfw #instagramtexas #cameraplus #dfw #fortworth #glass #perfectlyclear #snapseed #summer #texas #window #zoo (at Fort Worth Zoo)
Permalink Dial “M” for Manly.
Permalink #godzilla! (at Fort Worth Zoo)
Permalink #Godzilla! (at Fort Worth Zoo)